New types of cats are constantly appearing. Some of them are the result of accidental changes, others are the result of long work and several generations. With short exposed hair, yellow eyes, tiger-like cats, leopards with wavy ears, and short legs, breeders can be truly innovative.

  1. Nebelung

The fog originates from Russian blue cats. Young Nebelungs can be very strong towards clients, but they are exceptionally kind to their owners. Another great component of this variety is that it has an exceptionally quiet sound.

  1. Minuet

Minuet cats originate from Munchkin and Persian cats. These cats do not need to be considered unfamiliar, their unusual knowledge and lack of hostility make them ideal pets. They were first named the Napoleon Cats because they are smaller than Napoleon Bonaparte.

  1. Chantilly-Tiffany

The Chantilly-Tiffany is a cat with long, velvety chocolate skin and golden eyes. Cats of this variety are exceptionally piercing, friendly, and have great behavior towards children. It doesn’t need much unique attention, you simply have to take into account its long coat.

  1. American Curl

A peculiarity of felines of this variety is their ears, which have an uncommon shape. Twists can have both long and short concealment, and they can have any shading, the main thing of concern is that the ears should be wavy. Chambers is a very loyal, informative, and healthy manes.

  1. Selkirk Rex

LaPerms simply don’t have permanent wavy hair. Also, Selkirk Rex toms have this hide. It is a mixture of Persian, English, and colorful varieties with the quality of a predominant wavy coat. Selkirk Rex toms look like little bears and are firm and strong. Your concealment must be prepared every day, in any case, problems can arise.

  1. Dwelf

These felines are a mix of Sphynx, Munchkins, and Twists and have all the standard traits of these varieties: a kitten with short legs, wavy ears, and no concealment. These mushrooms look like otherworldly animals. Thinking about Dwelf felines is not easy: they love warmth, need to wash a lot of time, and need to clean their eyes, nose, and ears frequently.

  1. Kinkalow

This mix of Munchkins and American Twists has the characteristics of both brands. Her short height, short legs are Munchkins, and her wavy ears are Twists. To date, there are around 100 Kinkalow cats around the world, however, the variety is increasingly becoming increasingly popular.

  1. Chartreux

It is one of the more established European cultivars that was reproduced some 600 years ago. Carthusian cats are enormous with nectar eyes, blue skin, and free personalities. They make great pets, yet they can be envious if you have different pets.

  1. American Ringtail

American Ringtones are another variety and not everyone agrees that they are a variety. Their tails are embraced in majestic stories. The hook tail is active, inquisitive, open and, unlike various cats, they love water.

  1. Lykoi

Lykoi cats resemble wolves. They have a special kind of darker skin that resembles opossum hair. On top of that, the way they don’t hide on their faces makes them look like werewolves – and this is where the name of the variety originated from. Regardless of their appearance, Lykoi cats are well-fed and loyal creatures.


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